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I heard about an exercise called the gratitude rock where a person uses a rock to remind them to be grateful every day. I decided I wanted to try this exercise and began considering where to find or buy one. On that very day a client came into my office with 20 heart shaped glass rocks and told me they were gratitude rocks and asked me to give them away. I kept one for myself and realized the rock had literally come to me! So I wondered if faith could work that way? I have always been told that we have to work hard and do our part. It is easier to have faith in myself (most of the time). But this experience showed me what God can do when we have faith in Him. So I did an experiment and asked one of my clients that same day to take the gratitude challenge. I showed her my heart shaped rock and she accepted the challenge. However, like me, she felt it would not happen so easily or miraculously and that faith required work. I asked her to trust me to see what God could do. To think of this as a gift from God. I felt this was an opportunity for us both to learn a valuable lesson about faith.  The following week she returned excited. Tears of joy ran down her face as she shared with me what had happened that same day she accepted the challenge. She explained that she had asked God for a heart shaped rock too. She remembered my challenge to let the rock find her rather than buy one or search for one. That evening upon returning home she discovered a gray rock laying on her bed with a white heart shape naturally embedded in the middle of it!  Amazed she asked her husband where this rock came from?  He explained that he was walking across the lawn at work and found this rock and thought of her so he brought it home!  As amazing as that was the best part was learning that he found the rock 2 hours before she and I even talked about doing the challenge!!!

A young woman in North Carolina accepted the challenge to allow a gratitude rock to find her. She wanted a heart shaped rock as well.  She decided to go hiking where many rocks can be found.  She began searching on the ground for her rock but when she didn’t find anything she remembered my challenge: to use faith to let it find her. So she began walking along the trail and let go of any worry about how it would come to pass and gave up control for trust.  Just then a rock shaped like North Carolina caught her attention.  This, she thought, was not what she was looking for.  However, she felt drawn to it so she picked it up.  When she turned it over she discovered it had a white heart embedded on the back!

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