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The Gratitude Challenge

There is no challenge that could be any simpler! All that is required is a little of faith and some creativity on your part. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want your gratitude rock or token to look like. It can be heart shaped or it can be anything you like. Then ask God for it one time (He doesn't need reminding and His hearing is fine).  The next thing is to let go of control and simply trust that it will happen. Drop any perceived limitations like when, where, how long it will take, or how it will happen. Let go of any judgments you have about self worth. There is nothing that can separate you from God's love. Trust Him. Have faith in Him. Then let go of doubts and have hope! Avoid watching the clock and waiting for it to happen. There is no need to be impatient with God. Truth is, He loves to move quickly but watching time will feed our doubts and can slow the process more.  A watched pot never boils. You will know it when the rock finds you! Then be sure to share your story with us here!!!

4. Have Hope

3. Have Faith

2. Ask once

1. Decide what you want

How Gratitude Helps

Gratitude can be likened to humility. When we see a beautiful sunset we may feel gratitude for the experience, the Earth, and our life. This recognition of God's gifts creates humility for His love for us and all He has done for us. When these gifts do good inside us God wants to give more to us because His desire is to make us happier. Therefore, gratitude attracts more blessings! No matter what your circumstance may be you can begin feeling better right now by focusing on what you appreciate. Often this will lead to more opportunities than we thought possible.  

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